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Have you ever taken into consideration that the completed temples in Egypt for the duration of our Egypt day excursions, and specifically this excursion to Dendera and Abydos from Luxor, start with the Abydos Temple, which changed into committed to the god of the underworld, Osiris, who changed into the hero the husband of goddess Isis, the coolest instance within side the famous Myth of Isis and Osiris, and the colourful Temple of the cow Goddess Hathor at Dendara? you may go to it thru our Luxor day tours

In our Egypt trips, you’ll discover the historical web web sites of Luxor, Your informed manual will percentage testimonies and legends approximately those charming places, and you’ll have masses of time to take pix and absorb the history. Now, take a look at out our Egypt journey applications and get in touch with us!

Or you may ee-e book certainly considered one among our Egypt day excursions one at a time and begin your adventure into this charming usa from any town you stay! Our Egypt excursions begin in Cairo day excursions, wherein you may discover the notable Pyramids of Giza. From there, you may journey to take Luxor tours to look the Valley of the Kings and the Temple of Karnak. Then, it is off to discover the Aswan tours to look the High Dam and the Temple of Philae. Finally, you may give up your adventure in Alexandria, wherein you may discover the historical Library of Alexandria. Or you may customiezed your journey holiday in Egypt as you want.


Luxor Full-Day Tour




From Luxor: Private Day Trip to Dendera and Abydos & Luxor Tempels

You could be picked up out of your Luxor lodge or Nile cruise through your informed Egyptologist Luxor Local excursion manual. after which escort you to the King Seti I memorial temple in Abydos, which changed into built for the resurrection and afterlife deity Osiris through Seti I and his son Ramses II. One of Egypt’s most opulent non secular homes is the Abydos Temple.

There are seven chapels committed to Horus, Isis, Osiris, Amon Re, Ptah, Seti I, and Re-Horakhty a few of the nice artwork reliefs that include the Abydos Kings list (displaying the cartouche containing the names of the pharaohs of Egypt from the primary to the 19th dynasty). Explore the mysterious Osireion constructing in the back of the temple.

Keep exploring the Dendera temple complex (Located 99km to the South of Abydos). One of Egypt’s best-preserved temple complexes is that this one. Pepi I, a pharaoh, installed the temple, which changed into maintained for the duration of the New Kingdom (1550-1080 BC). What changed into left in Egypt changed into from the Greco-Roman period.

The Dendera Temple’s ceiling changed into currently wiped clean in a sensitive way that eliminated centuries’ really well worth of black soot with out unfavourable the unique paint. As a result, the surprising ceiling portray within side the important corridor of the Hathor temple has been revealed, making a number of the maximum brilliant and colorful art work from antiquity apparent. Find out approximately the famous Dendera zodiac comfort that changed into located for the duration of the Greco-Roman era.

The maximum big objects saved within side the crypts have been a statue of the BA of Hathor, the Isis Birth House (Mammisi) raised via way of means of Nectanebo II, and the temple sacred lake. The crypts have been for containing cult equipment, records, and magical trademarks for the temple’s protection. The photographs of Cleopatra VII and her son, Caesarion, via way of means of Julius Caesar, depicted at the rear outside wall of the temple. then delight in your loose time to leisurely go to the temple.

We will power you to Luxor to have lunch at an excellent fine restaurant. then, we can go to the Temple Of Luxor, it become constructed via way of means of Amunhotep III in 18th Dynasty within side the New Kingdom and it become finished via way of means of Ramses’ II throughout the 19th Dynasty.


on the quit we can Transfer again in your lodge in Luxor or in your Nile Cruise after finishing.

Luxor Full-Day Tour

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  • Delivery offerings to and out of your Luxor lodge
  • Every switch is made in a private, air-conditioned car. Entry prices to all the aforementioned locations
  • Egyptologist excursion manual with credentials water in bottles even as at the excursion all taxes and carrier prices


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  • Any extras now no longer cited within side the itinerary
  • Tipping