Egypt nile cruise 4 nights

Egypt Nile cruise 4 nights

4 Nights Cruise: Luxor – Denderah – Aswan

Day 01:
Arrival in Luxor.

Karnak Temple: Visit the Temple of Karnak, built over more than a thousand years by generations of Pharaohs. The great “Hypostyle Hall” is an incredible forest of giant pillars, covering an area larger than the whole of Notre Dame Cathedral.

Check-in at noon time: Arrive on board the 5-star deluxe Nile cruise boat the Sanctuary Sun Boat IV, moored in a private dock in Luxor. On board, you will be welcomed by the reception staff, who will offer you chilled fruit juice and assist you with your check-in.

Entertainment: Exact entertainment schedules during your cruise are adjusted according to the needs of each group and the exact sailing schedule of the boat is subject to change. However, every cruise on the Sanctuary Sun Boat IV will include:

A colorful “galabeyya party” which gives each guest the opportunity to dress up in traditional Egyptian dress and dance to Arabic music.

A belly dancer, accompanied by a whirling dervish show in Luxor. A lecture held by your Egyptologist guide.

Food & Beverage: Menus are changed on a seasonal basis to enable the Chef to use the freshest ingredients at all times. However, the following is applicable to every cruise:

Most meals are served in the restaurant. However, at least one barbecue lunch (while sailing) and breakfast will be served on deck (weather permitting).
Mineral water, tea and American coffee are included on a complimentary basis during meals.

Lunch: to be served on board

Valley of the Kings & Queens:

Afternoon visit to the West Bank of
Luxor to explore the Valley of the Kings, a vast City of the Dead where magnificent tombs were carved into the desert rocks, decorated richly, and filled with treasures for the afterlife by generations of Pharaohs. You will also have the chance to visit at least one tomb in the Valley of the Queens.

Hatshepsut Temple: Rising out of the desert plain in a series of terraces, the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut (Ancient Egypt’s only female Pharaoh)

merges with the sheer limestone cliffs that surround it, as if nature herself had built this extraordinary monument.

Photo stop at Colossi of Memnon: On the way back to the river Nile, your road passes by the famed Colossi of Memnon, known in Ancient Greek times for their haunting voices at dawn.
Cocktail Reception: Tonight you will be greeted by your Boat Manager, who will introduce you to the boat staff and review on-board facilities and your cruise program for the next few days. Complimentary Egyptian wine and local beer will be served.

Dinner: Gourmet menu on board.

Overnight: On board in Luxor.

Egypt nile cruise 4 nights

Day 02:

Very early sailing to Qena.

Breakfast: Breakfast buffet on board while you cruise northwards to Qena, a particularly alluring part of Upper Egypt’s landscape.

Denderah: The Ptolemaic Temple of Goddess Hathor in Denderah is a wonderfully preserved temple complex and a rare sight to behold, complete with a massive stone roof, dark chambers, underground passages and towering columns inscribed with hieroglyphs. Hathor was the

goddess of pleasure and love, usually represented as a cow or a woman with a cow’s head, she was the beneficent deity of maternal and family love,

of beauty and light and the Greeks associated her with Aphrodite.

Lunch: Return to your boat for Lunch during sailing back to Luxor.

Afternoon Tea: Afternoon tea will be served while you cruise to Luxor.
Luxor Temple: Your Egyptologist will guide you on a tour

of the East Bank of Luxor, to the strikingly graceful Temple of Luxor dedicated to the God Amun.

Dinner: Gourmet menu on board followed by a belly dancer, accompanied by a whirling dervish show.

Overnight: On board in Luxor.

Egypt nile cruise 4 nights

Day 03:

Early sailing to Edfu passing by Esna

Breakfast: Breakfast buffet on board while you cruise to


Edfu Temple: This morning, explore the largest and most completely preserved Pharaonic – albeit Greek-built – temple in Egypt, the extraordinary Temple of Horus at Edfu.

Lunch: Lunch on board, while you continue cruising to


Afternoon Tea: Afternoon tea will be served while you cruise to Kom Ombo.

Cooking lesson: Egyptian cooking lesson will be presented on board.

Kom Ombo Temple: Visit the Temple of Kom Ombo, dedicated to the crocodile-god Sobek. It stands at a bend in the Nile where in ancient times sacred crocodiles basked in the sun on the riverbank.

Dinner: Tonight’s dinner on board will be an “Egyptian Night” costume party for all guests, with a chance to dress up in traditional Egyptian “galabeyya”. Dinner will be a lavish buffet of Egyptian specialties, followed by oriental music and dancing for everyone.

Overnight: On board in Kom Ombo.

Egypt nile cruise 4 nights

Day 04:

Breakfast: Breakfast buffet on board during sailing to

Philae Temple: Take a short motorboat ride to visit the romantic and majestic Philae Temple on the Island of Agilika.

Unfinished Obelisk: Next we proceed to the Granite Quarries, which supplied the ancient Egyptians with most of the hard stone used in pyramids and temples, and still hold a huge unfinished obelisk.

Lunch: Lunch on board.

Felucca Ride: In the afternoon proceed (weather permitting) by taking a ride on a felucca, a typical Egyptian sail boat, around Elephantine Island, Lord Kitchener’s Botanical Gardens, and the Agha Khan Mausoleum (life jackets will be provided).

Afternoon tea: Enjoy your afternoon tea served in the lounge.

Dinner: Tonight’s farewell dinner will be a gala dinner (jacket required), with white-gloved waiters serving gourmet cuisine.

Overnight: On board in Aswan.

Day 05:

Buffet breakfast on board and check out at 8:00 AM.

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